Kelli Grant, the Queen of Swing™

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"Swing Doo Rock" focuses on the music of the 50's & 60's showcasing her CD’s: Swing-a-Billy, Honky Tonk Swing, Mo’ Swing, Rock-a-Billy U.S.A. and began with the original artist who scored the hits. Although they're still available, she also performs the show herself since she has recorded so many songs from that era. Fasten your seat belts girls and boys as it might get a little bumpy when this Piano Poundin’, Rhythm Rockin’, Bass Kickin’ showman honors the 50's piano rockers; Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Ray Charles. And of course thru the evolution of Swing to a musical revolution called Rock ‘n Roll, the KING's of Rock 'n Roll Swing: Elvis the ody Pelvis & Bill Haley. Kelli then gravitates to the female side of the industry in her original revue ...

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