Kelli Grant, the Queen of Swing™

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Female Artist of the Year
the Queen of Swing
Kelli Grant

Kokomo Theatre

Kelli performs a Variety of Shows
showcasing her award-winning career


In a musical dialogue of how "swing is swung" Kelli performs a variety
of shows based on her award-winningcareer. Showcasing her 11 CD's she
has on the market which have received
4 & 5 Star reviews from around
the world with French music critic, Bernard Boyat exclaiming her music,
"superbes" she performs
your favorite hit's along with a few originals.
An original artist who has won and received many accolades including
3 - #1 hit's on independent and international charts


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For video's, career, CD's
store link


For Booking info, songs, fanbase
Kelli - #5 Las Vegas charts


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Kelli Grant the Queen of Swing
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Watch the Queen of Swing LIVE!!
Jump, Jive & Wail - Louie Prima Classic


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