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Kokomo Theatre


In a musical dialogue of how "swing is swung" Kelli performs a variety of shows based on her award-winning
career. Showcasing her 11 CD's she has on the market which have received
4 & 5 Star reviews from around
the world with French music critic, Bernard Boyat exclaiming her music, "superbes" she performs
favorite hit's along with a few originals. An original artist who has won and received many accolades including
3 - #1 hit's on independent and international charts


Kokomo Theatre
2400 W Marshall - Longview, TX 75604
(903) 918-2132
Remember the old time drive-in movie theaters with the
Snack Bar, a Rock ‘n Roll band and movie?
Well it’s back …and it’s here at the
Kokomo Theatre
Concert Under the Stars
“A drive-in theatre without the cars”
bring your lawn chair and
dance under the stars to the
Rock ‘n Roll sounds of
Female Artist of the Year
the Queen of Swing
Kelli Grant

Friday and Saturday

the Piano Poundin, Rhythm Rockin,
Bass Kickin, award-winning Rock 'n Roll Swing of

Female Artist of the Year
The Queen of Swing
Kelli Grant
Kelli has had 3 - #1 hits and was tagged
the Queen of Swing by the Rock 'n Roll
legend Carl "Blue Suede Shoes" Perkins after
headlining with him a couple of years before his death.

The award-winning Singer performs her
own rocking & rolling swing signature piano style
of her own chart topping originals as well as
her own wonderful arrangements of classic hits by:

Ray Charles, Elvis, Bill Haley, Fats Domino,
Roy Orbison and more with a tribute
to the legendary Dusty Springfield.
So... Grab your poodle shirts, comb your duck tails
and come to one of the most exciting venues in East Texas.
It’s Rock ‘n Roll at the Kokomo…

"GIRLS Doo It Too!"
written by the Queen about some Queen's in the business by the
In a tribute show to the Female Side of the INDUSTRY,
written by the Queen about some of the Queen's
Kelli salutes: the Queen of Rock 'n Roll, a songwriting
Queen who was actual was a King, an alien Queen, the
MGM musical Queen, a Queen Mother, a Princess cause her
father was a King, a Country Queen and many more with
funny stories to go along with the musical dialogue.

"Swing Doo Rock"
50's Swing, DooWop & Rock 'n Roll
Focusing on the music of the 50's & 60's it began with the original
artist who scored the hits. Although they're still available, she
normally performs the show herself since she has recorded so
many songs from that era. Because she plays piano she honors
the piano poundin' 50's rockers; Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino,
Ray Charles. She follows Swing's evolution to the musical
revolution of Rock 'n Roll with of course the
KING's of Rock ' n Roll Swing:
Elvis & Bill Haley .

"Swing Me Back to Texas"
the only female to front the Former Texas Playboys

takes her audience on a trip into the archives of
Western Swing. A ONE Woman musical production
based on the #4 hit tells stories of what it was like to
ride and record with the man himself Bob Wills,
the King of Western Swing as told to her by these
legends, "the Boys who made the noise
known as Western Swing", a line from the song.

"Swingin’ Christmas Show"
an evening that kicks off swingin' ending in a fellowship of
your favorite Swingin' Christmas classics. Christmas standards
that Swing and Rock, it’s music you can dance to and sing along
to: Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, Let It Snow, Rudolph the
Red Nose Raindeer, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Santa Baby,
Jingle Bell Rock, White Christmas and more....


Reservations Required

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