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We are so excited and proud to present Kelli Grant the Queen of Swing™ a multi-talented, multi-nominated AWARD-WINNING artist who has scored on independent and international charts: 5 - #1 hits to date and 9 top 10 singles. She won Female Artist of the Year and is a 2 time Female Artist of the Year Nominee as well as a RMA – Artist of the Year Nominee. Kelli is also a Texas State Musician Nominee, a Member of the World Who’s of Jazz Cabaret Singers, New York, NY (Federation of American Musicians) and a Swing Hall of Fame Inductee. She received a Billboard Songwriting "Honorable Mention" and has been on the Grammy Voting List for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. And … Not only an award-winning Singer but also an absolutely magnificent musician playing piano like NO other with all usic LIVE except electric drumme, R&B legend, Carl Perkins tagging her the Queen of Swing.
She has headlined in casinos and performing art theatres across the country with her most recent engagements: 3 seasons Branson Hot Hits Theatre, 2017 Majestic Theatre, Las Vegas and 2018 -‘19 at the Kokomo Theatre.

Please Google® the Kokomo Theatre and Kelli Grant, the Queen of Swing™. to see how many pages are devoted to the Queen of Swing. Visit facebook for video, newspaper clippings and more information.

Kelli has a very diverse career having been listed, recognized, charted and performing different genres of music. She has written several different musical productions that showcase that diverse career: "It’s Rock ‘n Roll @ the Kokomo", "Jazzin’ Things Up!", "Girls Doo It Too!", "Swing me Back to Texas", "Swing Doo Rock" which she is the featured artist at the Kokomo Theatre performing one of these very entertaining productions monthly. Please visit the Kokomo Theatre for full schedule.
This alone speaks volumes about this amazing multi-nominated, multi-talented award-winning artist. Oh, All music is performed LIVE!! which adds to her creditability. Well, she also has 2 music degrees which helps and she writes the band charts.

With 11 CD’s and a new one on its way, Kelli’s recording career began on Warner Bros. German label, Eagle Records with the release of a self-titled CD in 1993 which topped charts at #4 in Belgium and #7 in Holland. It would be the late great, Mercury Rock-a-Billy artist, "Mr. Action" Roy Moss who would give her the thrown. After working several shows, Roy took notice of; not only her already award winning vocals, (Voice Scholarship) but also her unique and signature piano style taught to her by her Mother. He asked her to play on his next project for Eagle Records. In the album liner notes he would call her, "the Star of Texas"; however, he would soon change it to, "the Swingin’ Little Miss from Texas" and finally, "the Queen of Swing". Kelli would later headline with R&B legend, Carl Perkins who would agree. Today she is known around the world as, The Queen of Swing™.

Her new release, "Swing-a-Billy" is adding to her legacy with 3 - #1 singles on Independent Blues/Jazz charts and. 4 STAR reviews with French critic, Bernard Boyat exclaiming it, "SUPERBES!" Set in the 50’s Jump, Swing & Rhythm & Blues style, the music graduate: Sings, Writes, Arranges and Plays all instruments except guitar. It is an amazing feat that very few artists would be able to accomplish and one the Queen of Swing™ says she is not likely to do again. From now own it will be her band, "The Swing Kings.

Her first recognition in Blues came from Billboard when she received an "Honorable Mention" for her R&B original, "The Way Love Use to Be" which would later be released on her CD, "Honky Tonk Swing" which received 4 Star reviews in magazines around the world and she is a licensed lt BMI songwriter.

The CD, "Swing ‘n Blues" focused on the joining of her R&B / Blues accolades with herSwing title and signature piano style. Her own blues tune, "Loose Woman Blues" received a nod from the Grammy® Reviewing Board being placed in consideration for "Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals". She included "Jump, Jive & Wail" from the great Louie Prima and covered "The Blues Brothers", "All My Money Back." She would incorporate this CD into an original musical review, "Swingin’ the Blues" with her performance fees subsidized by the National Endowment for the Arts. The CD received a nod for her recording of "Rosetta", Henri Woode list of top Jazz Albums,

With the popularity of this CD, she began headlining in casinos across the country and performing art theatres. She would headline with some of the biggest names and appear in some of the biggest venues in the industry. Performing Art directors publicly declared Kelli, "an exceptional entertainer". Because of her extensive research in writing her show, "Swingin’ the Blues" she was a Table Top Speaker for the Texas Arts & Exchange Conference.

The CD, "Blues to Me!" followed "Swing ‘n Blues" and would include several of her own blues tunes and would be considered by one of the largest organizations in the industry as a chronicle on the diverse styles of the blues; Swing, Jump, Country, Rhythm, Western and Kelli’s award winning style she calls, "Pure Blues." 2 of those originals: "B-A-D, BAD" & "Strut My Stuff" would be placed on the Grammy® Voting list in consideration for "Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance".

Kelli went back to her roots for the CD, "Rock-a-Billy U.S.A." which was done for the 10 year anniversary of her mentor and friend Mercury Rock-a-Billy artist, "Mr. Action" Roy Moss. Kelli recorded some R&B, Rock-a-Billy, 50’s Swing standards, added a LIVE cut of her husband, Johnny Patterson playing the guitar instrumental, "Honky Tonk" and took the 4 songs Roy had partially recorded editing the pieces to make a complete song. Wanting to honor her mentor and friend, the CD received 5 Star reviews. Roy had started a new album but unfortunately would never be able to finish the project. He passed away from lung cancer in September 1998. She did not realize it would also commemorate Johnny's career. He passed away 2010.

Considering September 11 th, 2001 to be one of the bluest day in America’s history she wrote "Stand Up for the U.S.A." to honor; not only her father, Seaman 3 rd Class Robert Johnson but all of our veterans and the families and victims of this horrible tragedy. In 2007 she wrote the recitation, "I Wouldn’t Go …" to honor her father with the song heard in the background. Both were heard on radio stations across the country for the 70 th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor 2011 with local radio stations dedicating their program to her father who was critically ill. Unfortunately, her father passed away the night before.

Being from Texas, The Queen of Swing™ and due to her husband’s influence the late Johnny Patterson who had worked with the King of Western Swing, Bob Wills, Kelli recorded a Texas Swing CD, "Swing Like That in 2000 which was the first time her title was documented but not registered as a Federal trademark until 2006. The CD topped charts at #6 and her own swing tune #2. Due to its popularity, she was inducted into the Western Swing Hall of Fame. A few years later, Kelli wrote / recorded "Don’t Mess With Texas" for the Texas Department of Transportation, which is the reason she registered the title as a trademark. She recorded Public Service Announcements for the states litter campaign and wrote her own slogan, ‘Bag It, Trash It". In 2009, she won the Will Rogers Award Female Artist of the Year for her CD, "Swings & Sings" and with fan voting only she was the only female nominee for the RMA Artist of the Year.

As her name and notoriety continued to grow she was one of only 209 Texas artists selected to be on the Texas Touring Roster. The Texas Commission on the Arts volunteered her help to stop funding cuts to the arts with Public Service Announcements.

With required nomination and sponsorship, Kelli was included in the Mid-America Arts Alliance Touring roster with subsidized funding by the National Endowment for the Arts. With extensive research she wrote a musical revue, "Swingin’ the Blues". The highly acclaimed original revue, designed as a clever way to showcase her CD’s, takes the audience down a musical highway of Blues, Jazz & Swing as the Swing Queen follows the BEAT from New Orleans to New York City, Chicago to Kansas City, Memphis to Vegas and to the GREAT state of Texas. Telling little known facts and funny anecdotes Kelli demonstrates "Swings" evolution into a musical revolution called "Rock 'n Roll". (psst, don’t tell anyone but the show is very educational)

As an Award winning Singer, she was inducted into World Who's Who Jazz Cabaret Singers
, New York, NY - Federation of American Musicians and the Heritage Registry of Who’s Who - Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.  Her vocals are low and sultry and, almost mesmerizing. Her Pop CD, "Softer Side of Swing" was ONE of only 36 albums on the Grammy® voting list for "Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album" and her own pop single, "If You Were the One" in contention for "Best Traditional Pop Vocal Performance". (Not Nominated)

Endorsed by Jean Bennett, the responsible management for the success of "The Platters" & their 16 Gold records Jean declares Kelli
"a consummate entertainer", A TRIPLE THREAT: Singer, Songwriter and Musician and she is also very funny and, pretty.

Few artists are credited with creating their own musical style. Known for her signature piano style in which Kelli plays a walking 4/4 "swing" bass line in her left hand coupled with piano poundin’ rock-a-billy leads in the right. She combine the two styles to call her musical style, Swing-a-Billy™ which only the Queen of Swing™ can bring.

Awards / Honors:

Female Artist of the Year
BMI Songwriter Award Winning
Casino Headliner Isle of Capri Casino Blue Book as one of their BEST SHOWS
4 & 5 Star CD Reviews around the world; New release, Swing-a-Billy Grammy Voting List (not nominated)
World Who’s Who Jazz Cabaret Singers: Federation of American Musicians, New York, N.Y.
Heritage Who’s Who – Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
National Endowment for the Arts Mid-America Arts Alliance Touring roster
Texas Touring Roster – One of only 209 Artist chosen
HONORABLE MENTION – Billboard Songwriter recognition R&B Original, "The Way Love Use to Be"
State Musician Nominee Texas Honors Musicians with Fan Voting Only
I Wouldn’t GoDecember 7 th, 1941; 70 th Anniversary Pearl Harbor 2011; Commercial
Stand Up for the U.S.A. patriotic hit to honor our veterans and Kelli’s father  lt
Vocalist Nominee Grammy Board of Directors – Tx. Chapter
Texas Arts & Exchange Conference Guest Speaker
"Swing Me Back to Texas" – Musical Production showcasing Kelli’s Texas Swing Awards, Nominations & Chart topping hits
Artist of the Year Nominee RMA (Only Female Nominated) CD: "Don’t Mess With Texas"
Female Artist of the Year Nominee, CD: "Swings & Sings"
Swing Hall of Fame – CD: "Swing Like That"
Public Service Announcement Texas Commission for the Arts
"I Wouldn’t Go …" CD: Recitation honors her Father and the Greatest Generation Dec. 7 th, 2011 – 70 th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor: FREE
"Stand Up for the U.S.A." Kelli honors the veterans at the conclusion of her shows :

Texas Department of Transportation: Don’t Mess With Texas; Commercials; lt Contract; Logo
Western Swing:
USPT Federal Registered Trademarks:
  the Queen of Swing; Swing-a-Billy; Swing Doo Rock
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  (Coming soon) "Mo' Swing 2019" R&B covers with some exceptional new originals already topping the charts
1. Swing-a-Billy: 4 Star Review, Grammy Voting List: lt Boogie Woogie Stroll 2012(not nominated or endorsed by NARAS) Strut My Stuff
   Singles 2013: The Queen of Swing: Swing-a-Billy: Five Months, Two Weeks, Two Days: Don’t Mess With Me
    4 - #1 hit singles: Jan. 1st, 2020 - "Strut My Stuff" 2019- The Queen of Swing, Swing-a-Billy, Don't Mess With Me
2. Rock-a-Billy U.S.A.: 5 Star Review: Single; Hallelujah, I Love Him So
3. Honky Tonk Swing: Honorable Mention -Billboard; the Way Love Use to Be; 4 Star Reviews
4. Swing ‘n Blues: Newspaper; Singles: Loose Woman Blues; Jump, Jive & Wail; All My Money Back; Jump, Jive & Wail
5. Softer Side of Swing: Best Traditional Pop Vocal Performance; Single, If You Were the One (not nominated or endorsed by NARAS)
6. Blues to Me!: Singles: B-A-D, BAD; Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance Voting list (not nominated or endorsed by NARAS)
7. Swing Like That Singles: Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor #2 / Swing Hall of Fame
8. I Wouldn’t GoDecember 7 th, 1941; 70 th Anniversary Pearl Harbor 2011; Commercial Dec. 7 th, 2007 "Stand Up for the U.S.A."
9. Don’t Mess With Texas; Commercials; Contract; Logo  Don’t Mess With Texas - Charts #1 / PSA for Texas Department of Transportation
10. Swings & Sings ; Will Rogers AwardFemale Artist of the Year; Single / Musical Production: lt Swing Me Back to Texas / RMA Nominee
11. Kelli Grant Warner Bros. German Label Eagle Records; Charts - #4 Belgium / #7 Holland

Distribution:      lt

P.O. Box 2264 . Las Vegas, Nv. 89125 . 702 / 601-9427
©   ® the Queen of Swing, Swing

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