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Female Artist of the Year
the Queen of Swing
Kelli Grant

Kokomo Theatre

Kelli performs a Variety of Shows
showcasing her award-winning career

In a musical dialogue of how "swing is swung" Kelli performs a variety
of shows based on her award-winningcareer. Showcasing her 11 CD's she
has on the market which have received
4 & 5 Star reviews from around
the world with French music critic, Bernard Boyat exclaiming her music,
"superbes" she performs
your favorite hit's along with a few originals.
An original artist who has won and received many accolades including
5 - #1 hit's on independent and international charts

"It's Rock 'n Roll @ the Kokomo" starring the Queen of Swing Kelli Grant
Every Saturday in January 2020 at 7pm / Doors open 630
Commemorating the birthday of the King of Rock 'n Roll Elvis Presley
The Piano Poundin' * Rhythm Rockin' * Bass Kickin'
Female Artist of the Year
Kelli Grant The Queen of Swing takes you back to the exciting sounds of the 50's & 60's Rock 'n Roll. The award-winning Singer performs her own Rockin' & Rollin' Swing
signature piano style on a few of her own chart topping hits as well as great covers on hits by: Elvis, Ray Charles, Fats Domino, Bill Haley and more ...
Grab your poodle skirts, come your duck tails and come join the fun with one of the most exciting entertainers in the business. Enjoy the wonderful
sounds of Rock 'n Roll Swing by The Queen of Swing Kelli Grant
Kelli has had 4 - #1 hits and was tagged the Queen of Swing by the Rock 'n Roll legend, Carl "Blue Suede Shoes" Perkins
after headlining on a show a couple of years before his death. Featured CD's: Swing-a-Billy, Honky Tonk Swing, Rock-a-Billy U.S.A.. Mo Swing 2019
After the Music sit back and enjoy a classic film by the King thru the theatres theme of "Music & Movie" Followed by FREE Elvis Presley Movie...

“Jazzin’ Things Up!”
It’s the Roarin’ 20’s at the Kokomo Theatre “Speak Easy” every Saturday night February 2020 at 7pm when the Queen of Swing™ Kelli Grant takes the stage performing her original musical revue, “Jazzin’ Things Up!”.
In a magnificent story line the Queen of Swing™ takes the audience on a cross country trip to discover the wonderful world and history of Jazz. Thru her own recordings and career you’ll hear the music, meet its creators and the performers that made “jazz” an iconic part of our American heritage as the Kokomo Theatre “temporarily” becomes a “Roarin’ 20’s Speak Easy” welcoming flappers, Zoot Suits and Raccoon coats to their ”Roarin’ 20‘s” party. Following its migration north by way of Louis Armstrong to its nobility; the Duke, the Count, the King of Jazz, the Jazz Singer, the King of Swing and a Las Vegas Icon that was known as the King of the Lounge Acts along with a few chart topping originals by the Queen.  Featured CD’s: Swing ‘n Blues, Blues to Me!, Softer Side of Swing, Swing-a-Billy. Kelli has scored 4 - #1 hit Singles on Independent Blues/Jazz charts, she is in the World Who's Who Jazz Cabaret Singers, Federation of American Musicians, NY., and has received 4 star reviews from around the world.
However, there is NO alcohol or smoking or firearms allowed at this Speak Easy just “Music & Movie” fun. The Kokomo offers 3 dance floors ranging in size from “intimate don’t breathe” to their outdoor “get down and boogie” size.
Your password to The Kokomo “speak easy” is “I come to Grandma’s Funeral” and for upfront seating tell the doorman you’re a “Pallbearer” quotes from the movie “Some Like it Hot” starring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe which is the featured movie February 1st for the theatres “Music & Movie” theme.

MARCH 2020
"Girls Doo It Too!" showcasing her CD’s Rock-a-Billy U.S.A., Swing-a-Billy, Softer Side of Swing, Mo’ Swing and Grant Your Wish. It’s a tribute show written by the Queen about some of the Queen's in the music industry: the Queen of Rock 'n Roll, a songwriting Queen who was actual was a King, an alien Queen, the MGM musical Queen, the Queen Mother as well as God and country, a Princess cause her father was a King, a Motown Queen, a Voodoo Queen and more with funny stories to go along with the musical dialogue.

MAY 2020
"Swing Doo Rock" focuses on the music of the 50's & 60's showcasing her CD’s: Swing-a-Billy, Honky Tonk Swing, Mo’ Swing, Rock-a-Billy U.S.A. and began with the original artist who scored the hits. Although they're still available, she also performs the show herself since she has recorded so many songs from that era. Fasten your seat belts girls and boys as it might get a little bumpy when this Piano Poundin’, Rhythm Rockin’, Bass Kickin’ showman honors the 50's piano rockers; Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Ray Charles. And of course thru the evolution of Swing to a musical revolution called Rock ‘n Roll, the KING's of Rock 'n Roll Swing: Elvis the Pelvis & Bill Haley.


APRIL 2020
“Swing Me Back to Texas"
Being from Texas, Kelli salutes her Texas heritage in this wonderful show of Western or TEXAS Swing as she showcases her awards and CD’s: Swing Like That, Swings & Sings, Don’t Mess With Texas and Swing ‘n Blues. Kelli won Female Artist of the Year, Will Rogers Award from the Academy of Western Artist and a RMA Artist of the Year Nominee. To our knowledge, Kelli is the only woman to ever front the Former TEXAS PLAYBOYS in Concert, Bob Wills former band members. However, she did NOT work with Bob Wills nor Tommy Dunc but did with Bob’s baby brother, Luke and Tommy Duncan's baby brother, Glynn. She tells stories as told to her by these legends of how it was working and recording for the man himself, the King of Western Swing. Sanctioned by Txdot, she wrote and recorded and had a #1 international hit on, "Don't Mess With Texas" which featured some of those infamous Playboys.


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December 2020
Swingin’ Christmas Show"
kicks off swingin' as with all of her shows ending in a fellowship of your favorite Swingin' Christmas classics. Christmas standards that Swing and Rock, it’s music you can dance to or sing along to: Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, Let It Snow, Rudolph h the Red Nose Reindeer, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Santa Baby, Jingle Bell Rock, White Christmas and more....


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Kelli - #5 Las Vegas charts


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